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1640 Quiz Page 1

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When I was captain of Clann Tartan, also called Gaffney's Regiment of Shot and Pike, I changed things up by adding another year to our presentation, and this interactive quiz was a traning tool. I thought about updating the goofy topical references, but then I decided the old goofiness was part of the charm.

Click the button to select your answer. At the end of the page, click the "check" button to see how you did or "start over" to clear your answers. You will see the number and percentage you got right. The blank box above each question will say "right" or "wrong". You can change just the wrong ones and click "check" again without starting over. Later questions may give away answers to earlier questions, so try not to look ahead. This is meant as a teaching tool, not a test of test taking skills, so there are no trick questions, at least not on purpose.

1640 manual: I haven't as of this time made an HTML version, so if you don't have your copy handy, click here for the RTF version.

  1. In 1640, we are portraying
    The 1st Bishops War
    The 2nd Bishops War
    The 30 Years War
    The Sino-Japanese War

  2. We are fighting for
    The King
    The English Parliament
    The Scottish Parliament
    Gustavus Adolphus
    The Anaheim Mighty Ducks

  3. We are fighting against
    The King
    The English Parliament
    The Scottish Parliament
    Gustavus Adolphus
    The Vancouver Canucks

  4. This was early in a series of wars known collectively as
    The British Civil Wars
    The Napoleonic Wars
    The 30 Years War
    The 2000 Election

  5. The Scottish Parliament is controlled by, and the Scottish army is known as
    The Parliamentarians
    The Covenanters
    The Royalists
    The Smurfs

  6. The King of Scotland in 1640 is
    James I
    Charles I
    Charles II
    James II
    Robert the Bruce

  7. He also is king of
    The first two

  8. The Covenanters are
    Anglican (Episcopalian)
    Hare Krishna

  9. The King is
    Anglican (Episcopalian)
    That Bajoran religion in Star Trek

  10. Queen Henrietta is
    A Scottish Presbyterian
    A Huegonot (French Protestant)
    A French Catholic
    A Zoroastrian Priestess

  11. The name "Covenanters" refers to
    The National Covenant
    The Solemn League and Covenant
    The Ark of the Covenant
    The name "Mighty Ducks" was already taken

  12. The "Kirk" refers to
    The Presbyterian Church
    Individual churches
    Both of those
    That captain guy on Star Trek

  13. Authority in the Kirk resides in the "Presbyteries," which are
    Members of the Kirk
    Units of several congregations
    The Terry brothers who live in Presby

  14. Anglican Authority resides in the bishops, who are chosen by
    An election of church members
    Other bishops
    The king
    Robert Monro

  15. The Covenanters are opposing
    The English Parliament's attempt to impose Puritanism
    The King's attempt to impose Puritanism
    The English Parliament's attempt to impose Anglicanism
    The King's attempt to impose Anglicanism
    The Dixie Chicks

  16. The National Covenant was signed in


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