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1640 Quiz Page 2

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Click the button to select your answer. At the end of the page, click the "check" button to see how you did or "start over" to clear your answers. You will see the number and percentage you got right. The blank box above each question will say "right" or "wrong". You can change just the wrong ones and click "check" again without starting over. Later questions may give away answers to earlier questions, so try not to look ahead. This is meant as a teaching tool, not a test of test taking skills, so there are no trick questions, at least not on purpose.

  1. King Charles reacted to the Covenant by
    Declaring the Kirk the state church in Scotland
    Calling the English Parliament into session
    Planning an invasion of Scotland
    Imposing Presbyterianism on England
    Speaking eloquently about the benefits of religious tolerance

  2. When England invaded Scotland in the 1st Bishops War in 1639
    The only battle was between the Covenanters and Scottish Royalists
    The Covenanters declared a republic
    A treaty recognized the Scottish law granting primacy to the Kirk
    English Puritans rose in rebellion
    They decided to have a cricket match to settle things
    The first and third are correct

  3. The core of the Covenanter army is
    Foreign mercenaries
    Protestant refugees from the continent
    Scottish veterans of Swedish service
    Presbyterian ministers
    Players cut from NFL Europe's Scottish Claymores

  4. A Scottish soldier gets paid per day
    6 Riksthalers
    6 Scottish Pence
    6 Scottish Shillings
    6 Scottish Pounds
    6 Euros

  5. Compared to the English pay of six pence a day, the Scots are
    Better paid
    Worse paid
    Equally paid
    Ineligible for direct deposit and a 401k

  6. How are most soldiers recruited?
    Hired as mercenaries
    Called up by Clan chiefs
    Conscription organized in the presbyteries
    "Army of One" commercials

  7. Where did Scotland come up with this system?
    Adapted from the Swedish system
    Adapted from the English system
    Feudal system
    Traditional Scottish methods of raising an army
    The Lievtenant's 1640 manual

  8. The Covenanter army is commanded by
    Robert Monro
    Alexander Leslie
    James Graham, Earl of Montrose
    William Wallace
    Sean Connery

  9. The correct answer above was
    A Presbyterian minister
    A governor and general for Gustavus
    A Puritan sympathizer
    Lead singer for The Battlefield Band

  10. Which officers were chosen by experience?
    Lievtenant Colonels
    The first two
    The last two

  11. Which officers were chosen by social status?
    Lievtenant Colonels
    The first two
    The last two

  12. Most soldiers wear
    Issued gray coats and breeches
    Continental clothes they saved from Swedish service
    Their civilian clothes

  13. The mixture of pikes to muskets is
    2/3 musket to 1/3 pike
    2/3 pike to 1/3 musket
    Almost all muskets
    Allmost all pikes
    Half and half

  14. Scottish muskets are almost all
    Matchlocks made in Scotland
    Matchlocks made in England
    Matchlocks made on the continent
    Predominently flint weapons
    Fully automatic, but still matchlocks

  15. What sort of swords are Scottish soldiers issued?
    Basket hilts
    Swedish rapiers
    Anything they can find, and not everyone gets one
    Those cheesy toy swords someone was selling at Macalester

  16. Who gets armor?
    Every musketeer
    Every pikeman
    Some pikemen
    Every soldier
    Just the lievtenant, in case someone gets frustrated with this quiz


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