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About Me

My name is Eric Ferguson, middle name Matthias if you were wondering.

If you weren't wondering, it's still Matthias.

That picture below is preliminary drawing of the flag my wife made for me when I was Captain of Clann Tartan. She also hand sewed the real one. The real one has the motto in Latin (Fortitudo Vici Timor), as was common back in the 17th century. I'm looking out for a photo of it in use because it is pretty impressive, and I'm not saying that just because my wife will be reading this. Not JUST because.

captains flag

As of this writing I'm an inactive historic reenactor (I let this web site go un-updated for something like 13 years, so no promises this is current if it isn't still 2017). There is a lot of camping and playing soldier of course, and some pre-industrial trades. Maybe I'll get back into it when I'm done with other things that take my time.

Speaking of which, I'm the chair of my local DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor Party) until my term runs out, and then maybe I'll return to neglected hobbies, which rebuilding this site has shown me is most of what this site is about: neglected hobbies that is, not politics. If you don't like my politics ... actually, you won't likely find anything here offensive, as long as you stay away from the sketches, and maybe don't follow me on Twitter because you won't like what I put up there.

But if you would like to follow me on Twitter:

I've been a playwright, thus why there are a bunch of scripts posted here. Mostly in line with historical reenacting, but sometimes since I write plays with historical subject matter, I have a history section including some original research.

In terms of making a living, as readers might have guessed from the references to rebuilding this web site, I build web sites --- or do the upkeep --- or do bits on corporate sites, obviously depending on where I'm working at the moment. I haven't always kept up my own freelance web site, which I'll take as a sign I have actual work to do. Yeah, that's it. Like the housepainter who doesn't have time to paint his own house. Sure, let's go with that. Hey, that all-Flash site was sort of cutting edge when I built it. I'm using some pretty new code on this site, obviously a statement which might be less true as time goes on.

I could go on about myself ... ok no, I really don't know right now what else to say. Here's hoping I update more than once a decade now that I finally have this site rebuilt. but somehow I've always found talking about myself to feel weird. The "write a short biography" stuff has always been tricky. My work will speak for itself --- yeah, let's just go with that. So just click on the link that interests you.