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Superthumb Holiday Convenience Store Ad

5348 48th Av. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55417
phone: (612)726-6364


(announcer is doing a hard-sell sales pitch) On sale this week at Superthumb Holiday stores:

Camel brand cigarettes are half off! Joe Camel says that's a price to get you over the hump! (undertone) The use of a cool cartoon character should not be construed as an attempt to sell cigarettes to children.

Down on your luck? We now have the Bullwinkle game available from the Minnesota lottery! (undertone) The use of a character from a children's show should not be construed as an attempt to lure children into gambling. Odds of winning are gazillions to one.

Scratching all those tickets can work up a thirst! Quench it with a six-pack of Barney Beer! Just $2.99! I love you, you love me, we all love Barney Beer! (undertone) The use of a character popular among preschoolers should not be construed as an attempt to give alcohol a positive image among children.

This week only, a $10 purchase gets you discount coupons for Minnesota's newest family fun hotspot, Power Rangers Casino! It's not just for addicts spending the mortgage money anymore! Play blackjack with the Red Ranger! Slots with the Blue Ranger! Craps with the Lone Ranger!---how'd he get in there? Kids, get your picture taken with your favorite Ranger and get free Power Ranger souvenirs! Remember to ask your parents first! Ask them over and over and over again! (undertone) The use of a children's television show as a casino theme should not be construed as anything malevolent.

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