Ever thought to yourself "This guy's strand of the web is really neat with lots of interesting places to link to, if only they were neatly collected in one spot."? Probably not, but it's a good thing one of us thought of it!

Some of these links appear at relevant places on the site and some don't, but seemed worthy of inclusion anyway. There are theater sites, Celtic cultural spots, historical reenactment sites, and of course personal pages of friends, coworkers, and people of similar interests.

Clann Tartan at Big IslandCeltic:
Irish and Celtic Music Podcast
Clann Tartan
Irish Gaelic Course
Thistle and Shamrock
Medieval Irish Poetry Bibliography & Links
Rose & Pentagram Design
Dun Gowan Iron
Celtic Cross Gallery

Dramatic Exchange
ELAC Play and Monologue Collection
The English Server of CMU
Theatre Central

The Actors' Page
Bob Jude Ferrante and La Ronde
Moonstruck Drama Bookstore

19th century school Historical:
The Art of David Geister
J. Henderson Artifacts
Historic Fort Snelling
Clann Tartan
The Upper Mississippi Brigade
The Viking Age Club
The First Minnesota
La Compagnie des Hivernants de la Riviere St. Pierre
The Highland Regiment
The Coalition of Historical Trekkers
Dueling Central
Highland Forge School of Blacksmithing

The Rabbit Hutch
Plays for Today
The World of Thropots
Mr. Perfect...Actor For Hire
Purple Bongos at the Bus Stop
Shadow Saber

Interesting and Useful Places:
Common Dreams News Center
Michael Moore's Web Site
HTML Goodies
AFL-CIO Homepage
Amnesty International

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