Captain Ferguson's 17th century company flag

My name is Eric Ferguson, middle name Matthias if you were wondering.

If you weren't wondering, it's still Matthias. If you came looking for the blog, it's now it's own site, The Raven's Blog.

That's a preliminary drawing of the flag my wife made for me as Captain of Clann Tartan. She also hand sewed the real one. The real one has the motto in Latin (Fortitudo Vici Timor), as was common back then.

My wife has her own site at sparkyferguson.net, including some neat javascript effects that we probably couldn't do anywhere but on a wedding site, which how her site started out. More practically, we used the site to inform guests and keep a list for the potluck we had at the reception. Together, she and I are Celtic Fringe Web Design. Yes, our personal sites are show pieces. In fact, the reason the navigation over on the left is in a frame is just to have a site that show prospective clients I can do frames if that's what they want (don't worry if you don't see the frame -- just scroll down a bit for another menu). Otherwise I kept this site simple, since it's about the writing, and large quantities of it sometimes. I let the web design site show the complex stuff

It's always been difficult to answer the question "so what do you do?". I do too many things for a quick answer, but I think that's more interesting in a way. I am a playwright, and my works include comic sketches and historical dramas. I'm hardly adverse to the idea of commissions, so have a look and see what I can do. I intend, of course, to keeping adding to this little canon of work, so keep checking in.

I'm also an actor on occasion. I've worked with several Twin Cities theaters. I'm not pursuing it actively right now, but I'm not adverse to something coming my way. Plus I'm such a handsome guy in my photos. Feel free to have a look at my resume.

"I don't live in the past, I just work there", or at least I liked to say when I worked at Historic Fort Snelling in St.Paul, where I worked or volunteered for thirteen seasons portraying a member of the garrison. There are also some historic reenactors who do this for a hobby. There are several organizations in the Twin Cities, two of which can claim me as a member. Go check the history articles.

Of course, the question asked at the top usually means "What do you do for a living?" Well, usually, more than one thing. I build web sites as a freelancer, doing business as Celtic Fringe Web Design. I've been a corporate webmaster and QA tester. Besides that, I've done editing and oodles of writing (one oodle equals 7.8 kilo-oodles, for those using metrics). I'm a self-taught computer geek prior to doing it for a living, and I'm practiced in pre-industrial trades like blacksmithing and woodworking (isn't that an interesting juxtaposition).

I could go on about myself, but at this point you're probably thinking "How much do I really want to know about this guy? Do I really have to know that he's a half-serious bicyclist, a published author, a news junkie with well-considered opinions, and that he has a bug crawling up his back right now?" No, you don't, so just click on the link that interests you.

NEW: Since Slate had supporters of invading Iraq explain (sort of) how they got it wrong, I thought I'd explain How I Got It Right.

I've started a blog. There are lots of lies to expose, lots of stuff to say. This will be updated frequently.



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Acknowledgements for graphics that aren't mine
Photos of Fort Snelling and school illustration are courtesy of Historic Fort Snelling. Some textured backgrounds are by Dr. Bob, whose web site I can no longer find. The Ferguson tartan and the captain's flag are by my wife, Hellen.

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